Hack the Building Code

City New York Challenge Owner The Department of Buildings and Urban Tech Hub @ Company Challenge website https://buildingcodeinnovation.splashthat.com/ Challenge Award The winner will be considered for […]

I AM Hydro

City New York Challenge owner The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Water Power Technologies Office Challenge website https://www.herox.com/iamhydro Challenge award Up to $250,000 Theme / Sector […]

Beyond the Bag Challenge

City New York Challenge owner Beyond the Bag Initiative Managing Partner: Closed Loop Partners Founding Partners: CVS Health, Target and Walmart Innovation Partner: OpenIDEO Challenge website […]

Getting your money’s worth: E-mobility is a key driver for German green cities

Transportation plays a central role to the issue of CO2 emissions, where electromobility (e-mobility) is considered one of the most important technologies for future sustainable mobility. […]